Inspiration: #TravelGoals

If, like me, you’ve ever been bit by wanderlust, you know it’s a condition that never truly leaves you–it’s like a itch that will always need to be scratched. The symptoms of this life-long condition?

Insatiable curiosity, swollen memories, colorful daydreams, and a tight budget.

While it may seem impossible to simply pack up and leave and pursue your dreams of living in exotic places, learning new languages, sampling foods you’ve never heard of, experiencing cultures that bring you closer to self-understanding, and more, it’s not. 

Let me guess, you don’t believe me? Lucky for you, I’ve complied a list of inspiring people who did just that: left the world they knew behind to live a life of travel, adventure, challenge, and exploration, both within themselves and across the world.

Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Over ten years ago, Matt Kepnes found himself in conversation with five backpackers on a bus while visiting Thailand with a friend. They discussed how outrageous it was that American’s only receive two weeks vacation (if that!) from their jobs each year, especially when there is so much world to explore.

The more Matt contemplated this, the more unjust it felt. And then a thought dawned on him: Why not me too? When he returned stateside from his Thailand trip, he quit his job, and began to plan for a yearlong journey across the globe. Setting off in July of 2006, Matt’s yearlong journey has stretched to present day, as he realized that traveling is whats made him most happy.

Taking on various jobs to fund his lifestyle, Matt has been able to travel to over seventy countries, and now works to help others realize they can achieve their travel dreams, no matter their financial circumstances.

“I remember being scared and worried when I was planning my trip. Every fear when through my head but being on the road taught me that the hardest part is getting the courage to walk out the door. The rest is a cakewalk. Everything on the road works itself out,” Matt told Buzzfeed.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post, coming soon!