Best Things To Do In Boston

Boston has a lot to offer, from its wide range of historical landmarks to its beautiful scenery. Beantown truly has it all, making it the perfect place to add to your travel bucket list. However, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide what you should see on your trip. Well, I am here to make your life a little easier. I present to you the top three things to check out in Boston! Enjoy!

Fenway Park

Making a trip to Fenway Park is truly an unforgettable experience even if you are not a baseball fan. The stadium has been around 1912 and has been a part of many incredible moments. In 2012, Fenway celebrated its 100th anniversary. You should try to catch a game and admire the ballpark’s original architecture, including the 37-foot-tall notorious “Green Monster” wall rising over left field. If you’re not in town during a home game, you might want to stop by the field for an hour-long tour, which most visitors say was worth the ticket price. Tour tickets are available on a first come, first-serve basis at the Gate D Ticket Booth; adult tickets are priced at $16; tickets for kids ages 3 to 15 cost $12.

Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is definitely a must see when you visit Boston. It has an incredible art collection that will surely make you want to return more than once during your stay. The museum is home to one of the best art collections in the world, including the celebrated Art of the Americas Wing. Inside this collection, which debuted in 2010, you’ll stumble upon 53 galleries showcasing iconic pieces spanning from Pre-Columbian times to the 20th century. I highly recommend this awesome place

Boston Symphony Orchestra

If you make the trip to Boston, you must check out the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This historic Symphony Hall has been around since 1881.  It plays 250 shows a year that ranges from family shows to traditional concerts. The building is also beautiful making this place a must see when you make it to Beantown.


Aruba “The Happy Island”

Looking for a new place to travel to? Well, I suggest you make a trip to Aruba. The Happy Island is an unforgettable experience. The moment you leave you will be booking a trip to come back. Yes, that is how awesome this place is. From the gorgeous sunsets to the diverse attractions, you will always find something to do. Here are four things to check out once you make your way to the Happy Island!

 Flying FishboneIMG_1263

Aruba has a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from. My favorite is the Flying Fishbone. The food here is outstanding and I promise you will have an experience here you will never forget. You have the opportunity to dine right on the beach with your feet in the ocean. Now, have you made a reservation yet? For those of you who enjoy seafood, you couldn’t be in a better place. All the fish is so fresh and delicious! The flying fishbone also has a great cocktail list and my favorite is the white wine sangria! It has the perfect amount of fruit to make this drink one of the best on the menu.

Water SportsIMG_1287

You can rent a jet-ski, banana boat, kayak or tube, at whichever hotel you are staying at. One of my favorites is parasailing as you can get an awesome view of the beach and ocean. If you are someone who enjoys snorkeling or scuba diving Aruba has got you covered. Even if you have never been before, most resorts on the island offer beginner lessons so you can learn. Another great water activity to try here is windsurfing! Aruba is prone to high trade winds, which makes for a great experience for windsurfers.

IMG_1309Casino at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

This awesome casino has plenty games for you to play. It has 21 gaming tables, 255 slot machines, and 30 video poker machines. The majority of the casinos in Aruba are small. Yet, it gives you more of an opportunity to interact with people who are vacationing there. This is a great place to enjoy some cocktails and play some games.

California LighthouseIMG_1301

Looking for a place to catch the magical sunsets of Aruba? Well, head over to the California lighthouse. It is one of the most popular stops in Aruba. You get the opportunity to catch the most breathtaking views of the island. This is definitely a place I recommend if you are looking to take your significant other somewhere romantic.

Top 3 Things to Do in Texas

Looking for a new place to travel to? Well, I suggest you make a trip to Texas! The second largest state in the US, truly has a lot to offer. From its wide range of historical landmarks to its beautiful scenery you can’t help but to find something that will fascinate you.  Today, we take a look at the top 3 things to do when you make your way to the Lone Star State.

The Alamo

One of the most historic sites in America is a must see once you make your way to the Lone Star State. It has become an extremely popular attraction over the years as more than two million people visit the Alamo annually to see its restored mission buildings and commemorating the fallen Texans.

Space Center Houston

Once you experienced The Alamo then make your way to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. It is an awesome place to check out because you get to see where all space flight training takes place. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to see where all the research for the world’s largest space program is performed. It is truly a fascinating place as you will get insight into the operations of the world’s largest space program, with many exhibits, film shows, models,and astronaut-related artifacts. Another great perk about coming here is that you get a chance to dress up like a real astronaut and experience a space simulator!

State of the Arts: Texas Galleries and Museums

Texas had an excellent variety of different art galleries covering everything from modern artists in the U.S to contemporary works from the Lone Star State itself. The Dallas Museum of Art is one of my favorites, as it features more than 20,000 works of art including pieces from ancient Egypt and Rome. Another fascinating place is Texas is The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, which is the home to a large collection of works from North America, Europe and Africa. It also features brilliant pieces from the Italian Renaissance and the French Impressionist movements.

For more things to check out in Texas, please read this article.

Vacations with Lessons

They say some of life’s lessons are best learned outside of the classroom. And when winter and summer breaks roll around, quite often we want nothing more than to lay back, relax, and do anything but cram more knowledge into our heads. Even post-grads take off to Cancun or Key West after tossing their caps to unwind and, metaphorically, toss their textbooks to the wind before entering the workforce.

But for those who get a kick out of keeping their mind stimulated, how can they both treat themselves to an unbelievable getaway whilst still exercising their brain? To help, I’ve put together a list of destinations that will provide the fun and carefree feeling of a vacation, but will still keep you on your toes, mentally.


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.53.03 PM.pngTourists pour into Peru to hike to the top of the famous Machu Picchu, booking up tours of the ancient Incan civilization for months in advance. We all were taught about the Incan empire, but we all haven’t seen the ruins of it, making this destination one that seems straight out of a history textbook.


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.55.15 PM.png

A lot of the historical events taught in school happened decades, if not centuries ago. They seem of another world and time. A major historical event that occurred much closer to my generation is the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Visiting the capital of Germany will open your eyes to an electric European city’s history, where portions of the wall still stand, such as the infamous East Side Gallery, which has been covered by works of art from artists across the global to signify it as an international memorial for freedom.


We learn of the horrors of the Nazi regime in schools, the inhumane happenings of concentration camps, and the absolute injustice that occurred during World War II. But paragraphs of words, photos in textbooks, and video footage don’t nearly express the cruel reality that many faced. However, visiting Auschwitz is an experience unlike any other, and truly helps us understand the horror of the victims who were kept there.Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.53.44 PM.png

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Traveling On A Budget–College Edition

College is an exercise in preparing young people for “the real world.” Every September, eager students flock to Walmarts and Targets to buy school supplies, textbooks, and the perfect decorations for their dorm room. In class, students debate with each other and with professors over contemporary issues and international politics, hoping to become the faces of change in their academic communities. But to really face these issues–that are introduced in theory within the safety of a classroom–as reality, young people have to experience the big bad world for themselves.

The “real world” ought to be interpreted as more than a place of professionalism and business transactions. In order to understand how to function as a post-grad, college students have to experience how people live around the world, what they value, what their day-to-day lives look like. Something they wouldn’t experience in their dorm buildings or on a spring break trip to Daytona Beach. There is no better way to engage with these experiences than by traveling.Katharine Diane McCallum

Many students have lived quite comfortably either at home or at school, and the best way to learn about yourself and the world is outside of the classroom. While travel can be nerve-wracking, it challenges how you interact with new people, how you budget, and even tests your communication skills when cooperating with travel partners.

While you’re still young, I recommend using summer and winter vacations, or even a spring break to visit some fun, funky and affordable destinations. It’s an awesome opportunity as a young person to take an Amtrak, quick flight, or road trip to these locations. It’s also an ideal time to go: you aren’t tied down with a demanding career, you are open to socializing with peers, and you find the idea of living out of a backpack for a few days totally manageable.

So if you’re looking to get a taste of the real world, or are simply looking for a weekend getaway that doesn’t involve a high budget and require crossing an ocean, consider these destinations the next time you’re hit with wanderlust.

MontrealMontreal skyline
According to the North America Backpacker Index of 2015, Montreal ranks as the cheapest city to travel to for American backpackers. Offering affordable hostels, free activities to participate in throughout the city, and a French flair, Montreal is as close to a European backpacking trip you can get without crossing the Atlantic.


Nicknamed “Music City” the capital of Tennessee is a millennial’s paradise. It’s quaint street offers cute vintage clothing stores and high-end cafes. Plus, Nashville has a bustling couchsurfer scene if you’re looking for a SUPER cheap place to stay and an easy way to meet like-minded individuals.

New York
The Big Apple. It’s hard to fathom a vacation to the biggest city in the United States on a college budget, but if you do New York the right way, it’s completely affordable. Pro tip: whilst it may seem like it’s the place to see in the city,New York City skyline stay away from hostels and hotels in world-famous Times Square. Not only is the area an extremely overpriced tourist trap, but it’s also regarded as the antithesis of New York for real New Yorkers. If you visit the free galleries in Chelsea to get your art fix, fill up on cheap, delicious eats in Chinatown, and utilize their public transportation system, you can make New York affordable.

New Orleans
This list would be incomplete without New Orleans. Travelers will be saving pennies the moment they arrive, with plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, food, and hospitality. The Daily Backpacker Index calculates a day in New Orleans to cost just under $60, making the Big Easy an affordable getaway for college students. While you’re there, spend some time on Bourbon Street and check out European-inspired Jackson Square. And don’t leave without eating a Po-Boy!