Aruba “The Happy Island”

Looking for a new place to travel to? Well, I suggest you make a trip to Aruba. The Happy Island is an unforgettable experience. The moment you leave you will be booking a trip to come back. Yes, that is how awesome this place is. From the gorgeous sunsets to the diverse attractions, you will always find something to do. Here are four things to check out once you make your way to the Happy Island!

 Flying FishboneIMG_1263

Aruba has a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from. My favorite is the Flying Fishbone. The food here is outstanding and I promise you will have an experience here you will never forget. You have the opportunity to dine right on the beach with your feet in the ocean. Now, have you made a reservation yet? For those of you who enjoy seafood, you couldn’t be in a better place. All the fish is so fresh and delicious! The flying fishbone also has a great cocktail list and my favorite is the white wine sangria! It has the perfect amount of fruit to make this drink one of the best on the menu.

Water SportsIMG_1287

You can rent a jet-ski, banana boat, kayak or tube, at whichever hotel you are staying at. One of my favorites is parasailing as you can get an awesome view of the beach and ocean. If you are someone who enjoys snorkeling or scuba diving Aruba has got you covered. Even if you have never been before, most resorts on the island offer beginner lessons so you can learn. Another great water activity to try here is windsurfing! Aruba is prone to high trade winds, which makes for a great experience for windsurfers.

IMG_1309Casino at the Hyatt Regency Hotel

This awesome casino has plenty games for you to play. It has 21 gaming tables, 255 slot machines, and 30 video poker machines. The majority of the casinos in Aruba are small. Yet, it gives you more of an opportunity to interact with people who are vacationing there. This is a great place to enjoy some cocktails and play some games.

California LighthouseIMG_1301

Looking for a place to catch the magical sunsets of Aruba? Well, head over to the California lighthouse. It is one of the most popular stops in Aruba. You get the opportunity to catch the most breathtaking views of the island. This is definitely a place I recommend if you are looking to take your significant other somewhere romantic.