A Must-Have While Traveling? Instagram

Gone are the days of browsing vintage photographs from your grandparents’ scrapbooks to reminisce about awesome vacations.  Today, the motto is:

“Pictures, or it didn’t happen!”

As of 2016, Instagram reached 400 million monthly users, according to a report from Digital Stats). The company just announced that there over over 200K advertisers using the platform to reach customers and promote new products. Instagram went from a novelty app for wannabe photographers to impose artistic filters on photos snapped from their iPhones; it has since exploded into a powerful social network.

With such a wide user base, people have started to use Instagram as a search engine. Through the database of hashtags, you can find pictures of just about anything. What were the concerts like at Coachella last year? What cafe has the best latte art in Sydney?

Another way Instagram categorizes photos is through the location that the photos were “instantly” shot and uploaded. Some cities are now taking on their own “Instagram” personality, as tourists flock to these destinations so they can show off their travels on the app. British online travel company Hoppa recently released a report of how Insta-snaps define our idea of a perfect vacation by driving people toward more “instagrammable” locales. What cities do you want to go to? What landmark would you photograph to show off to your friends?

Check out four of the most Instagrammable destinations:

New York. Everyone loves The Big Apple! The big apple is the most instagrammed city in the world. From Washington Square, to cheesy pizza slices, to the majestic Lady Liberty, tourists rarely put their phones down when strolling through the city in order to capture everything around them. If you can show that you’re finding something special in the city, beyond the usual shots of the skyline, you’re bound to get more “likes” for your shots.
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.14.05 PM.png

Los Angeles. The City of Angels is the most “liked” destination in the world. Perhaps this is because anything related to fashion and the celebrity lifestyle is bound to get some attention, especially in the teenage girl demographic that uses the app.

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Bangkok. Food photography has become its own profession. Instagram users flock to Thailand to share images of colorful dishes that will have you booking a flight in no time. Check out 10 Bangkok Foodie Instagram Accounts.

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Paris. Because of an iPhone app or not, Paris has made the list of most photographed, most visited cities for hundreds of years. You’ll find lots of envy-inducing shots of the couples embracing at the Eiffel Tower at sundown, friends sharing a warm batch of Angelina’s Hot Chocolate shop, and quaint European alleyways from Instagrammers who venture to Paris.

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